We’re on a mission to help you find more enjoyment in the everyday, starting at home.

In 2019, we announced that after a decade of running Gin Lane, we were hanging up our agency hats to build a family of brands with the shared mission of enjoying daily life.

Here's what we’re all about 👇

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Home is the foundation of daily life.

A home is a place where we feel comfort and control. It’s a place where we invest time and energy. And just like us, our homes evolve over time.

But as we spoke with our growing community, we repeatedly heard that when building a home, it’s easy to get stuck in a holding pattern between keen design sensibilities and the reality of everyday living.

Our intention behind Pattern is to help guide you through the process of making a home by creating and curating timeless products that turn everyday routines into meaningful rituals.


Our brands focus on activities that foster daily enjoyment at home, such as cooking, organizing, and maintaining a space.

Image for Open Spaces...

Open Spaces

Organization essentials for every space

Image for GIR...


Elevated kitchen tools for everyday use

Image for Equal Parts...

Equal Parts

Non-toxic cookware for home cooks

Image for Letterfolk...


Custom home goods that tell your story

Image for Yield...


Timeless pieces for any space

Image for Poketo...


Art and design for the every day

Image for Onsen...


Luxurious essentials for your bathroom


We’re also curating a selection of like-minded home goods brands.

Since launch, we've received hundreds of requests to purchase the products featured in our homes and our photoshoots. We heard you and are now offering a selection of brands from around the country that share our commitment to quality, responsibility, and longevity.


Every Pattern brand is a Give One brand.

All Pattern brands proudly commit one percent of net proceeds to neighborhood-based organizations through Give One, an initiative we created to help communities around the country better enjoy daily life.

Through community development, revitalization projects, and youth services, the organizations we partner with provide the resources neighborhoods need to flourish.

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Interested in joining the Pattern family?

At Pattern, we believe there needs to be a new business model for the country’s growing community of e-commerce brands. We’re purchasing brands that focus on sustainable growth over short-term gain and giving entrepreneurs the exits they deserve.


We’re excited to hear more from you.

We aren’t your average direct-to-consumer brand. We spend our days and efforts being direct-with-consumer, by creating deeper, more personal relationships with our community.

Be it as a teammate, as a brand, as a partner, or just as a friend, send us a note and we’ll get in touch.

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5050 Media - About Us - Let's Talk - Desktop Image