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We’re buying great home goods brands.

At Pattern, we believe there needs to be a new business model for the country’s growing community of e-commerce brands.

We’re purchasing brands that focus on sustainable growth over short term gain, and giving entrepreneurs the exits they deserve.

Interested in selling?

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Why Us

The Pattern Advantage

When your brand joins the Pattern family, your business benefits from our unique ability to provide:

Image for World-class marketing & brand-building team to rea...

World-class marketing & brand-building team to realize your vision

Image for In-house operational excellence and a mature brand...

In-house operational excellence and a mature brand platform

Image for Sustainable business model that is value driven an...

Sustainable business model that is value driven and prioritizes customers

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Gin Lane’s industry-defining startups

We’ve helped define the DTC space.

We’ve helped shape the DTC space from the beginning. Before we became Pattern, we were Gin Lane, a creative agency that helped startups create over $15 billion worth of market share, and made experiences that reached hundreds of millions of consumers.

Pattern’s industry-leading investors

From over a decade working closely with founders, we know how to work with you. We’re founder-first, and our reputation on brand-building precedes us.

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A process for you

A process designed around entrepreneurs’ lives

We know first hand how time consuming owning and operating a business can be. So we designed a process that is empathetic, respectful, and 100% online.

Start by applying here and if it’s a good fit, we’ll get in touch to set up an initial call.

From there, the entire process will be online, and as frictionless as possible.

A Pattern Brand

When considering brands, we look at three key categories:

Image for Great Products...
Great Products

· Healthy, sustainable margins

· Strong customer reviews

· Unique IP

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· Design-driven, home-centric products

· A responsible and ethical approach

· A loyal community who love your brand and products

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Strong Business Fundamentals

· Majority DTC sales

· Growing revenue

· Profitable at an EBITDA level

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A case study

Our first acquisition: GIR

Our first acquisition is GIR, short for “Get It Right,” a home accessories brand that launched eight years ago with a highly successful crowdfunding campaign for the world's first unibody silicone spatula.

GIR is the perfect case study for what we’re looking for: founder Samantha Rose has stayed true to her ethos of reimagining everyday kitchen tools and today sells over fifty exceptional products that are changing the cooking world. Alongside her husband and her team, she organically built GIR over eight years into a much loved, profitable, multi-million dollar business.

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Emmett Shine, Suze Dowling, Nick Ling, co-founders of Pattern
Join our growing family

Get started

The first step is to apply online here.

We look forward to speaking with you, and learning more about the brand you’ve created.

Thank you,
The Pattern Team

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Know someone who would be interested in speaking with us?

Send us a note and we’ll get in touch.

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