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Jul 13, 2021


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The hot-sauce-loving, interior designer on morning rituals and her next home improvement project.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you're passionate about?

I'm a hot-sauce-loving, only child, Leo from New Jersey. As an interior designer by trade, interior design is my passion. I love to collaborate on everything from art and design to community projects, and I also love to cook and eat well.

How do you like to spend time when you're at home?

Moving around furniture, re-styling, making bouquets, drinking wine, cooking, sitting by the fire, cuddling my dog Bob, reading portions of the 100 books I'm currently reading all at once.

What's your favorite room and why?

I'll call it my Great Room, even though it's pretty small—high ceilings, lots of light, and equidistant from the fridge to the fireplace.

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Any routines or rituals? What does your morning look like?

When it's warm, I'll open up the door to my back porch while I make myself a coffee. I got a Breville recently, and I'm obsessed with that FROTH. I try not to look at emails until after I workout. Honestly, I start my workday around ten because I believe in being human first.

How does your home make you feel?

Happy AF

What's the next home improvement project you're hoping to tackle?

The major one I can't stop thinking about is my powder room. I want it to be wild and unexpected. I'll likely wallpaper it with our CY x Eskayel wallpaper that has hand-drawn watercolors of various Hamptons locations that are iconic in our eyes.

What makes you feel most at home when you walk in the door?


Is there anything you can't live without?

Fresh flowers, sparkling water, and Bob(my dog)

How would you describe the style of your home?

Eclectic, Scandinavian, playful, and clean

Any quick tips to share on how to make time at home more enjoyable?

Try and let go of anything that isn't utilitarian, inspiring, or beautiful.

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