Artist Interview: Lourenço Providência


Aug 18, 2021


Pattern Brands

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Meet Lourenço Providência, the artist behind our Open Spaces Outdoor Collection.

What role does creativity play in your life?

Well, creativity plays a big role in my life, if it was a movie I would say it would be the main actor. I think how creativity was born in me is because I'm a part of a big family so if I wanted to tell a story, or show something I would have to entertain a lot of people, so from an early age I discovered that creativity would come to be an essential tool for everything in life.

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We recently collaborated on a few designs together. Can you tell us what this artwork means to you?

For me, this set of artworks tells me a lot for several reasons. The first is the theme of the work, the relationship of the human being with nature, embracing and respecting it. It is something that I am paying more and more attention to, and yet I feel I do less than I should for our beloved planet. So this work helped me to reflect, and I hope that people who see it also reflect on it. The second reason was the good connection with the team at Open Spaces, who gave me so much good advice and freedom to get the artwork to the right place. In the end, it was a unique experience because until now I had never illustrated for a water bottle, or a cap (and I love caps!). I really enjoy seeing illustrations break out from their more conventional formats and end up on other objects and places.

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What has the greatest effect on your creative process?

Ideally, the perfect conditions need to be met. So, I would say that when I have good music (often something quiet), food in my belly, some coffee, time, and a good notebook and pen, for sure my creative process will be a lot smoother and more productive.

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What meaningful advice have you been given that you would like to share with others?

Ufff... that’s a hard one, there are so many. It's nothing elaborate, but it makes so much sense: “Develop the power of listening.” Very surprisingly, I read this on a tag of a teabag that I usually drink and that phrase echoed a lot in my head. It seems to me that we live in a society where there is more and more selfishness, and the power of listening can be a good remedy to be more connected to others and to the world.

For a limited time only, shop Lourenço's designs as part of the Open Spaces Outdoor Collection here. To check out more of Lourenço's work, visit his website here.

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