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Sep 15, 2021


Pattern Brands

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Hey, Emmett here.

For over a decade, I helped build brands that you love (hopefully) at Gin Lane. Like most businesses created from the ground up, it was a journey and the experience taught me a lot.

Now, as one of Pattern’s co-founders, I am focused on trying to help myself and our community enjoy daily life and trying to find ways we can find the small moments at home more enjoyable—get more present, meditative, and find beauty in mundanity.

And I think if I’m asking you to fill your home with Pattern products—that’s personal. So let’s get personal.

A few of my interests …

  • Memes
  • Skateboarding, surfing
  • Internet 1.0 aesthetics
  • Friends & family
  • Dogsss
  • Being from Long Island

Where I’m finding inspo ...

  • Our Pattern team
  • TikTok humor
  • Fall in New York
  • Natural orange wine
  • Yankees (right now)
  • $FWB

My Top 3 Pattern Picks

1. Open Spaces Entryway Rack

I remember us sitting around thinking about how to design the most beautiful shoe rack. Many of us love sneakers and design, and felt there was nothing out there for us—as adults—to show and hold our footwear—so, we designed it!

2. GIR 100% Recycled Cutting Board

I'm so proud we did this GIR cutting board with Smile Plastics. It took almost a year. I hope we, and many other brands, can move in the direction of using 100% recycled plastics for real products. The response has been awesome. We sold out almost immediately, so I think people are willing to back products they believe in. Plus, it's beautiful!

3. Open Spaces Medium Bins

I love the signature semi-circle handle design. It's like a little owl eye or a Pixar character. We had a lot of fun designing it, and it took a bunch of iterations to make it work. I smile every time I see the little eyes on each side. It's the perfect size. It's cozy, but still provides real utility.

Things I’m most excited for at Pattern →

1. Team

I love team building and collaboration especially as we're growing all over the U.S. (We're mostly remote!) Everyone here is so smart, talented, and passionate about our mission. I like working and talking with everyone here—a lot.

2. Challenge

We're trying to own and operate multiple businesses under one roof, with one team. It's a bit of a newer, emerging model in the DTC space—one that we think is more sustainable long-term to allow smaller to mid-sized ecomm businesses to grow at a more natural pace, but with world-class resources and capabilities behind them. It's brand new, so it's pioneering in terms of how it all works. I like that challenge a lot!

3. Customers

Coming from Gin Lane, an agency, I missed having direct relations with customers, of making the actual products, etc. It's so cool and inspiring that thousands of people a week decide to spend their hard earned money on products we've made—to invite us into their homes. It means so much to me, and when I talk to someone who has a Pattern item in their home, it's like an instant special connection is made.

Oh, by the way—BIG, NEW things coming this month! Stay tuned …

A quick outro...

I think a big driver for what we do is trying to embrace the simple little things in front of us—the small and seemingly mundane moments of our lives. Our mission statement is “enjoy daily life” and what that means is, try to be present, and try to “enjoy” the day to day. Try to turn routines into rituals, meaning the things we do every day, especially at home. If you find moments of joy in them, it's grounding and energizing, versus feeling like they are tasks or chores. —@emmett

P.S. Next month you’ll be hearing from my friend and fellow co-founder, Suze. She’s the brains behind the business, so get ready.

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