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Nov 01, 2021


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Meet CEOs + Power Couple Nick Ling (of Pattern) and Jordan Taylor (CEO of Medley). They are both entrepreneurs building companies to help people enjoy daily life. Jordan’s company Medley offers small group coaching, content, and a community of curious and growth-oriented people. And, well, if you’re reading this, you already know all about Pattern’s mission to bring organization and design together to help you find joy in those small moments at home.

Read on to find out what Pattern picks they’ll be gifting to friends and family this holiday season.

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Tell us about the ways in which you balance work, life, and partnership.

Given that building startups is inherently stressful, we’ve tried to be very thoughtful in crafting a joint daily routine. And as work continues, life continues. During the past couple of years we got married, moved apartments and got a puppy named Howie. Our favorite time of day is having dinner together—we both enjoy cooking at home and it’s a nice way to wind down from the day.

What's inspiring you lately?

  1. Visiting Home (London) - Like many of us I haven’t been able to travel and see family regularly over the past 18 months and being able to travel again has been rewarding and re-energizing.
  2. Ted Lasso – We love it. Not just for the obvious reasons —I’m British and love football—but also because of the positive message and ease of watching.
  3. NYtimes Spelling Bee – Keeps our brains moving. We are both nerds and try to get to ‘Genius’ every day together.
  4. Beat That! – We discovered this board game this summer—very easy to learn and lots of laughs. Highly recommended for groups of 4-8 people.
  5. Jordan has been killing it on podcasts – check this out!
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Top 3 Pattern Faves & Why

  1. Spoonula – We’re obsessed with these! We’ve got 3-4, and we can’t use other kitchen utensils now.
  2. Nesting Trays – We’ve both got them by our bedside tables and use them to store all our random knick knacks.
  3. Baskets – We use these in our kitchen to store all of our pantry supplies. It’s easy to see what’s inside, and they fit onto shelves super nicely

What are you most excited about at Pattern?

Welcoming new brands to the Pattern community. It was incredible to welcome GIR and Letterfolk to Pattern this year. Every week we speak with incredible entrepreneurs who have built brands and I’m excited to bring some of them onboard to the Pattern community next year.

And seeing people in person. More recently, our team has been able to see each other more often. There’s something special and energizing about talking and solving problems face to face.

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What is the Pattern product you’re giving the VIPs on your gift list?

The Letterfolk Tile Mat – It was incredible to get to know Johnny and Joanna (the founders of Letterfolk this year) and discover the Tile Mat. We’ve had one outside our door and have fun switching up the designs. It’s simple and unique but a moment of delight every time we see it.

What rituals do you practice daily, weekly or monthly that help you find enjoyment in daily life?

Morning Walks - Having a dog has forced us to go on a morning walk everyday together. He needs the exercise and training, and we need our coffee and/or matcha. It’s cool time to spend together at the start of the day, get out of the house no matter what the weather and be more intentional about how we start our day.

Quality Time - Both of us deeply value quality time with friends, family, and even new people.

We believe that everyone needs a medley in their life – people that help you expand your perspective and getting you out of your day to day. It can look like different things for different people; a catch-up walk with a friend on a Sunday morning, a facetime with nieces (Hi Amy and Katie!), or even a more structured group. A bright spot of the past couple years is we no longer let distance in the way of staying close to people we love, and at the same time value IRL more than ever.

Nick’s Top Pattern Picks

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