Home decor gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Nov 22, 2022


Pattern Brands

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Home Decor Gift Ideas for the Organizer

Home should be a place of calm in life’s chaos. These elevated home decor gift ideas help the organizer in your life declutter this holiday season, for a relaxing refuge year round.

Our internet-viral Open Spaces Entryway Rack ($184) is an artful, functional storage solution your organizer will want to display. This multi-use rack works in any space, bringing an elevated look to the home or office. Pair with our Medium Bins with Wooden Lids and Medium Baskets (starting at $54) for beautiful, accessible storage of accessories, kids’ toys, and more.

Enjoying all the experiences and objects daily life has to offer starts from within. Decluttering the mind is just as important as tidying up our physical spaces, and Pattern offers the tools your organizer needs to do just that. Give your giftee a head start on their New Year’s resolutions with the Poketo Self Planner ($28). This colorful, peaceful planner encourages your organizer to prioritize their wellness for a more joyful everyday. Pair with the Poketo 2023 Zodiac Planner ($28) to bring even more positivity to their life.

Project managers, writers, parents, entrepreneurs: our Poketo Project Planner ($38) is the perfect gift for anyone with a long list of personal and professional projects. With updated features and a range of gorgeous colors, this planner will be a staple of your organizer’s daily ritual. Pair with Poketo Colorblock Pens ($38) and Letterfolk Pouches for on-the-go planning.

Finally, help your organizer manifest all of their plans and goals with the Poketo Spectrum Wall Planner ($48). This poster-sized wall calendar celebrates the innate beauty of color on every page, brightening any space. The open-dated pages let your organizer start planning right away, so they can step into the new year refreshed and ready to take on challenges with intention.

Modern Home Decor Gifts for the Curator

The home curator fills their space with intentional pieces meant to share their personality with everyone who enters. Our design-forward modern home decor gifts are sure to impress, with something for every story on your list.

Curating a welcoming, personality-filled environment is a top priority for your curator. There’s no better way to personalize their home than with the Letterfolk Tile Mat (from $75). Pair with colorful Tile Sets ($12) for a space that speaks for itself.

If walls could talk, they’d be excited to speak through the Poketo Spectrum Wall Planner ($48), which lets your curator share all their plans, goals, and accomplishments in larger-than-life color. And no modern home gallery would be complete without the Letterfolk Cuckoo Clock ($139.90). This customizable timepiece melds classic sensibility and contemporary design into your curator’s next modern heirloom.

Bring timeless elegance to your curator’s space with our gorgeous offerings from YIELD. Crafted from borosilicate glass for artful durability, the Glass French Press ($84) adds beauty to the kitchen while crafting the perfect cup of tea or coffee. Your curator will love sharing stories over their expertly brewed beverages with Double Wall 6oz. Glasses ($50).

The YIELD Glass Incense Holder ($28) brings the splendor of ancient artistry to life in your curator’s home. Perfect for creating a more mindful space, or simply enjoying their favorite scents, this Mesopotamian-inspired incense holder is sure to spark curiosity and inspire conversation. Pair with Open Spaces Nesting Trays ($48) for a truly unique display.

And, of course, our Open Spaces Entryway Rack ($184) is the perfect home to showcase all your curator’s most treasured items.

Creative Gifts for the Artist

Whether at home or on an adventure, artists and creatives find inspiration in everyday objects and experiences. Spark your artist’s imagination with a range of creative gifts as playful and aesthetic as they are functional and fun to use.

Letterfolk Tile Mat (from $75) and Tile Sets ($12) promise freedom for your artist to express their ideas in a colorful, durable display. From crafting their own designs to finding inspiration in our community, our versatile Tile Mat lets your artist’s creativity truly shine.

All artists experience a creative block from time to time. Or perhaps you know a budding artist looking for ways to get inspired. A creativity icebreaker, the Poketo Creativity Journal ($28) offers unique prompts for unlocking the creative potential within any artist. Pair with Poketo Colorblock Pens ($38) to ensure they never miss a moment of inspiration.

Perhaps your artist is a bit of a planner at heart. Give them the gift of organized chaos with the Poketo Project Planner ($38), a fun and functional way for them to keep track of all their ideas and creative projects. Your artist will develop goals, tasks, and deadlines to get their projects out into the world.

Finally, the Letterfolk Bucket List Passport ($10) is here to help all the wanderers, muses, and dreamers turn their dreams into reality.

Kitchen Gift Ideas for the Home Chef

The holidays are about making memories with family, friends, and loved ones. Whether they’re whipping up a big family meal or relaxing with a hot cup of coffee, any chef will feel the love this season with one of these kitchen gift ideas.

Chefs can’t help but celebrate when they unwrap brilliantly engineered kitchen tools from GIR this holiday. Made from 100% platinum-cured silicone, these beautiful, durable tools are dishwasher-safe and come in a variety of colors to suit every chef’s taste.

Our Ultimate Spatula, Ultimate Spoonula, or Ultimate Flip ($12.95 each) is the perfect gift for any level of chef. Or, try them all with the 3-Piece Ultimate Tool Set ($30.50). Gift any of our curated tool sets to give more and save up to 20%.

Little chefs and seasoned bakers alike will fall in love with GIR’s Mini Tool Set in Sprinkles ($39.95). With 4 of our best-loved mini tools, this sweet set is sure to whip up tasty treats this season and beyond. Pair with our 3-Piece Baking Set in Sprinkles ($28) for the ultimate sugar rush.

No list of creative kitchen gifts would be complete without including GIR’s new range of baking tools. Our Pastry Mat ($26) and Cupcake Liners ($16) were both designed in consultation with a professional pastry chef to take your chef’s baking to the next level. We’ve thoughtfully crafted our beautiful silicone and terry Oven Mitts ($32) to handle hot dishes in comfort and style.

Our new Cupcake Bundle ($34) and Baker’s Bundle ($59) include everything needed for a truly elevated baking experience.

After a long day of cooking, your home chef will love relaxing over a fresh, full-bodied cup of tea or coffee brewed to perfection with the YIELD Glass French Press ($85). This beautiful, functional tool is made from borosilicate glass for artful durability and perfectly crafted drinks any time of day. Enjoy with YIELD Double Wall 6oz. Glasses ($50).

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something to gift coworkers or out-of-town relatives, or fill your loved one’s stocking? These small but mighty home decor gift ideas make the perfect stocking stuffers or Secret Santa surprises.

Letterfolk Passports ($10 each) are a unique gift to help your person capture memories. From Bucket List and Baby to Trip and Book, our passports offer a range of ways to commemorate all the special moments in their lives. Our Poketo Spectrum Mini Planner ($24) is another beautiful, portable option for keeping track of tasks and activities no matter where your giftee goes.

Help your person step out in style with the Poketo Dome Wallet ($38), a sleek, colorful accessory designed to keep everyday essentials safe and complement any ensemble.

Sweeten up any stocking or Secret Santa gift with GIR Cupcake Liners ($16, set of 12). The baker in your life will fall in love with this durable, eco-friendly alternative to single-use liners.

For a truly memorable small gift, candles and incense are always a good choice - scent is the sense most strongly tied to memory. YIELD’s range of Incense ($18) and Candles (from $28) add comfort and ambiance to your person’s space while reminding them of the joy of the season.

From planners and passports to kitchenware and storage solutions, our 2022 Pattern Brands gift guide has something special for every organizer, home curator, artist, and home chef on your list. Our range of design-forward goods is sure to make your giftee’s life easier and more enjoyable this holiday season and beyond.

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