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Sep 24, 2021


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İrem Tümer: A Human Rights Lawyer & Ceramicist’s Take on Contrast & the Unexpected

We kicked back with U.N. Human Rights Lawyer and ceramicist, İrem Tümer, to talk about life, the tendency for aesthetic overload, and all things at home. Read on for three quick tips to style your place and Open Spaces Black Entryway Rack. Hint: Style for contrast, and when in doubt, use a bit of humor to help you make tough design decisions.

To Find Balance, Lean Into the Unexpected

Look for the right balance between contrasting styles and colors. For example, my pottery is minimal and white, but I often style them with more colorful and fun items to make the overall composition more interesting. (That is the philosophy I used when I styled the Entryway Rack.)

Go for the unexpected and humorous. We are bombarded by so many aesthetic choices every day on social media that many things might feel unoriginal or invoke a style that we see elsewhere. To avoid this, I try to go for things that are unexpected in a given context or fun. Kitten matches, a childish throw or fun books on the Entryway Rack are my go-to examples of this.

Think of design and function together. Don't style things for the sake of styling. Start with objects that actually have a function in the space and build around them for the look that you are going for.

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Our newest arrival is your home’s blank canvas.

Our newest arrival is your home’s blank canvas.

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