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Interview: Meg Lewis


Sep 24, 2021


Pattern Brands

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Meg Lewis: A Designer’s Philosophy on Identity at Home

If Meg Lewis were a place, she would probably be a fun house—ever-evolving, bright, and otherworldly. Her aesthetic speaks for itself, but she’s lovingly taken the time to translate her top 5 tips for expressing identity through interior design. Big takeaways: lean into nostalgia and beware of anything that’s trending.

How to Design Your Home for Y-O-U

Tip 1: Show off your personality!
The primary goal for styling your spaces is to have a visual representation of what makes you, you. Use your space to communicate each aspect of your personality. It’s going to be a challenge. But when you combine personality traits that don’t normally go together, you begin to create a visual environment that looks unlike any other. Because, after all, you’re a person unlike any other!

Tip 2: Look back to childhood!
Draw inspiration from those activities, characters, or themes that you were super into when you were a kid that have never really left your mind. Try decorating your entire home or create Entryway Rack vignettes with those objects or take inspiration from color palettes, materials, or elements from those childhood favorites. If it’s something you’ve been into your whole life, it’s more likely to remain reflective of who you are for the remainder of your life.

Tip 3: Forget the trends!
When you have a collection of items that are reflective of your personality and incorporate those lifelong points of inspiration, you’re less likely to become tired and more likely to be energized by your space. Trends are designed to eventually feel old, encouraging us to constantly reinvent ourselves. But if we create spaces that are a true reflection of ourselves—that’ll never go out of style!

Tip 4: Balance, balance, balance!
Keep items of similar shapes, colors, and textures spaced away from one another to create balance and prevent your Entryway Rack from feeling bottom, top, or side heavy. Keep rearranging until it feels just right. You’ll never get it right on the first try—I sure don’t!

Tip 5: Make yourself smile!
When in doubt, add items to your Entryway Rack that make you smile. Weird knick-knacks, treasures that bring back great memories or small reminders of why you love your life are all great places to start. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else but you!

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