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Sep 24, 2021


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Style Your Space With Plant Expert, Maryah Greene

Maryah Greene is many things—New Yorker, fellow homebody, and an influential plant doctor/consultant. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue, Headspace, and the New York Times—to name a few. We asked this incredible artist how she styles her Open Spaces Black Entryway Rack, daily life, and home in the pursuit of nature, beauty, and pure enjoyment. Read Greene’s insights and design tips, they’ll change your interior world for the better.

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Four Tips to Style Your Space

Tip 1: Decide on your PIECES!
Designing my first apartment was extremely overwhelming until I decided what main furniture pieces I wanted to be my standouts. I decided on my credenza (black and white checker) and coffee table (pink). Then, I designed everything else around those.

Tip 2: Show off what you’ve got!
If your space has high ceilings, large windows, a staircase, killer view or any other statement elements—find pieces that will accentuate those key areas and make them come to life.

Tip 3: Play around with layers.
I used my plants to complement areas unique to my space. For instance, my widest/largest plants are in corners to make the ceilings look higher than they are. My longer/vining plants are on table tops with large surfaces to create the illusion of more plants.

Tip 4: Remember what you like to do most at home.
I love to host more than anything in the world, so I knew I wanted functional furniture. Some of it is on wheels, while others are light enough to move around to create more space. I also enjoy starting my day reading my favorite picture books, so I prioritized a spot for a reading chair. Depending on what your hobbies or interests are, prioritize those activities in your design.

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Four Tips to Style Your Entryway Rack in Black

Tip 1: Everyday pieces on top.
Use the top shelf to add any objects that you use regularly—candles, incense, journals, etc. That way you can easily access them and keep your shelf functional.

Tip 2: Colors!
I love playing around with pastel colors, so I try to create some variation between items on each shelf. My pop of green always comes from my plants!

Tip 3: Lighting, lighting, lighting.
If you’re decorating your shelf with plants and have a sunny space, add the ones that need the most light to the top shelf and the ones that need more shade to the bottom shelves.

Tip 4: Where to Place Storage
For items that are going in baskets or are storage pieces, use the bottom shelf so that your eye isn't immediately drawn to them. Try to use bins that are alike and find one or two items of decor to break them up, visually.

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Our newest arrival is your home’s blank canvas.

Our newest arrival is your home’s blank canvas.

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