How To Clean Non-Stick Pots and Pans


Aug 05, 2021


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Non-stick pots and pans can be a home cook’s best friend. To ensure that they retain their non-stick properties over time, it’s important to care for your cookware.

One of the biggest pitfalls can be cleaning, so here’s a guide to cleaning your non-stick cookware in 3 easy steps.

Allow your pots and pans to cool before cleaning

It can be very temping to immediately wash your cookware after the meal is done cooking, but it’s important to wait. “Shocking” your pots and pans with cold water after it’s been cooking at low and medium heat can put stress on the non-stick surface and reduce its effectiveness over time.

How do you know if the pan is too hot to clean? Flick a couple drops of water on the surface and if they evaporate immediately, wait 5 minutes.

Hand wash with gentle detergents after each use

Once your pan is cool enough to handle, it’s time to hand wash. Fill the pan with enough water to cover the bottom surface and add a drop or two of gentle detergent like Method or Seventh Generation. Wash the pan with a soft sponge and allow the water to run as you clear out .

Because of the non-stick ceramic, any food residue should release from the pan’s surface easily. In the case that you do have food that sticks, let the pot or pan soak in the sink for 15 minutes before you finish the cleaning process.

Once you’ve finished wiping the surface down, dry your cookware immediately

Take a small kitchen towel and wipe down the entire pot or pan until dry. Allowing your cookware to drip dry could lead to water marks and will degrade the non-stick surface.

Bonus: Only clean with a dishwasher occasionally

Non-stick ceramic cookware can come in many forms, including a dishwasher friendly variety. While dishwashers can be an effective tool in cleaning up hard messes, they can also degrade the ceramic surface of your cookware. We would recommend using the dishwasher occasionally (think once a month) if you would like your non-stick cookware to last as long as possible.

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