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Introducing Poketo

Get to learn more about the latest addition to Pattern's family, the colorful, joyful Poketo. 🎉


Last year we evolved our business model to focus on acquiring Shopify-based home-life brands to the Pattern Brands family. We doubled down on our vision of providing more people with products that help them find greater enjoyment in their day-to-day life at home by acquiring two incredible brands, GIR and Letterfolk in 2021.

One year in, we’re convinced we made the right decision. Today, we’re proud to announce the acquisition of Poketo. an LA-based home goods brand founded by Angie Myung & Ted Vadakan in 2003, to the Pattern Family.

Poketo is known for their colorful, high-quality paper goods

Getting to Know Poketo

Known for their colorful and playfully-designed home items such as their stationery, bamboo dinnerware, accessories, and unexpected brand collaborations, they have been a leader in the home & design category over the past decade, including the publishing of their 2019 book, Creative Spaces, by Chronicles Books. 

In late 2021, we were introduced to Ted and Angie via Chris Jordan, whom we worked with in our Gin Lane days for Tartine & Coffee Manufactory. He had a hunch that we all might get along famously, …and he was right. 

In Angie & Ted we found kindred spirits who think about design, the home, and community the same way Pattern does; both of us deeply value creating objects and experiences that bring enjoyment to our daily activities in the home, and we both love doing this with other like-minded members of our communities.

We were immediately impressed with the care, thoughtfulness, and loving energy Angie & Ted brought to each moment of the Poketo customer journey. From their beautiful flagship store in Downtown Los Angeles, to their social media, email, and packages shipped out - each part of the Poketo customer experience is curated, and produced with care.

In Angie we found an incredible designer, a visionary of color, geometry and shape. Angie has masterfully woven in ‘play’ for each Poketo product, while still focusing on simplicity, functionality, and ease of use. In Ted, Angie has a steady counterpart, a calm hand, as well as someone who loves hospitality, operations, and giving delight to each customer. Together, they’ve built Poketo into one of the most respected design-led home good brands in their category.

If we had to summate Poketo in one word, it would be ‘joy.’ To Pattern, Poketo is emblematic of the joy we find in daily rituals, …if we open ourselves to it. Whether it’s checking a calendar, jotting notes down, serving breakfast, brushing our teeth, or putting on socks - Poketo asks us at each moment to pause, reflect, and seek joy in these acts we often take for granted. If we find joy in the day to day, those simple parts of our day can energize and inspire us for the rest of our day.

The Path Ahead

We’re honored for Pattern to be the shepherd for this next chapter of Poketo. With Angie’s and Ted’s guidance, knowledge, and direction, we hope to help Poketo spread joy to many more households across the globe.

Take a moment today to look around your home, and see if there are any areas you’d love to bring more expression, emotion, …and joy to. If so, Poketo is here for you.

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