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Introducing Yield

Get to learn more about the latest addition to Pattern's family, the design-centric, atmospheric Yield Design Co. ☕️


Last year we evolved our business model to focus on acquiring Shopify-based home life brands to the Pattern Brands family. We doubled down on our vision of providing more people with products that help them find greater enjoyment in their day-to-day life at home by acquiring two incredible brands, GIR and Letterfolk in 2021.

One year in, we’re convinced we made the right decision. Today, we’re proud to announce the acquisition of Yield Design Co.

After two years of communication, courtship, and collaboration, we’re proud to announce the next brand to join Pattern Brands is Yield Design Co.

Yield's signature angular designs seen on their glassware

Getting to Know Yield

Founded by Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming in 2012 while they both were studying at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Yield is a design-first home goods company that the founders have owned and operated out of St. Augustine, Florida for the past half decade. When we first connected with Rachel and Andrew, we were immediately struck by the bold yet understated design language that was consistent across their family of beautiful houseware products. We were drawn to the smooth, angular curves and quietly expressive materiality of their glasses, French presses, candles and flatware.

However, when we got to talking with Rachel & Andrew, we were even more impressed with the business they’d built, the vision for the brand they had, the loyalty of their consumers, and the calm professionalism that hummed around their operation.

Last summer, when we decided to launch Pattern’s marketplace, we knew Yield had to be our signature third-party brand. The products and design language so naturally fit into Pattern’s aesthetic that our creative team could not stop using Yield’s products in almost every shoot we did. Sure enough, their products became our best selling third-party brand, and our most requested items on our social media (including dozens and dozens of requests from curious fans on Tik Tok).

After the success of this launch, we decided to take a serious look at Yield joining Pattern. The partnership felt natural in so many ways, and we agreed to proceed forward. After months of thoughtfully studying and understanding Yield, from the design language, to the brand, the operations, the consumer, and the market, we’re excited to announce Yield officially as a Pattern Brand.

What's Next

Over the past year, Rachel & Andrew have started to build a portfolio of architectural renovations out of St. Augustine; taking their love of objects and design, and flipping the scale from home goods to homes. They both are designers and entrepreneurs at heart, and we’re excited for the continuation of that journey. For us, the process is as much about supporting entrepreneurs and creatives on their journey, as it is about the brands. We’re excited to have Rachel and Andrew onboard continuing to advise and guide us as we introduce Yield to more and more customers.

Yield to us brings an ‘atmosphere’ to any room or setting; it elevates any moment and scenery it is placed in. We couldn’t be more proud to have the honor of carrying on the design-forward tradition of Yield’s high-quality home goods, and hope to help bring these moments of elevation and atmosphere to your kitchen, dining room, backyard and home.

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