Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips from Open Spaces


Mar 30, 2022


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At Pattern, Spring Cleaning is our favorite unofficial holiday—and we're celebrating with 20% off the entire Open Spaces collection through 4/5. Plus, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 tips from Open Spaces to make your Spring Cleaning efforts a total success. Are you ready to level up your tidy? Roll up your sleeves and read on…

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Tip #1 - Give your odds and ends a home of their own.

Whether you curate open-concept organization in Baskets or enclose and corral objects in Lidded Storage Bins, give your belongings a home of their own for an aesthetic we like to call “minimalist calm.” If you designate a spot for certain everyday objects or most-loved treasures—you can tuck away clutter and not stress over misplacing your things.

Tip #2 - Corral your counters after use.

Counters get cluttered quickly! Give your go-to essentials a dedicated spot to return to after use. For smaller items, we recommend placing them on Nesting Trays. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re also made with thoughtful, durable materials that are kinder on the earth.

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Tip #3 - Utilize unused space—especially vertical storage.

Wish you had more square footage? (This is a rhetorical question.) Take advantage of vertical storage—double your cabinet or pantry surface space by adding Shelf Risers. Pair with Baskets on higher shelves for easier retrieval.

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Tip #4 - When in doubt, put a label on it.

Listen, we get that sometimes you spend hours organizing your belongings in containers that, well, look identical. (This is super pleasing to the eye, but it can be hard to remember which things go where. Solution? Slap a Storage Bin Label on it. Categorize arts and crafts, toys and puzzles, office supplies, cleaning supplies, personal care, and beyond. They  make storing and accessing belongings a total breeze! Pack includes 24 matte, semi-circle, transparent labels designed to fit our Medium and Large Bin Handles. Bonus Tip: When handwriting labels, permanent markers are recommended.

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Tip #5 - Put the objects of your affection on display.

Organization doesn’t have to be ordinary—it can be beautiful and functional. That’s always been our approach when it comes to designing Open Spaces modern storage solutions. Every one of our pieces is a head turner in its own right. To get you started, try curating your favorite belongings and your go-to shoes on an Entryway Rack, and for small-item storage—like precious jewelry—try Storage Gems. Our crystalline acrylic allows you to see what’s inside your Gem while still looking neat and organized. Place these translucent vessels somewhere they’ll get sun, and watch as they transform. These one-of-a-kind pieces were designed to cast a subtle glow in the natural light just like stained glass.

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