A Step-by-Step Guide to a Cozy Living Room


Jun 08, 2021


Pattern Brands

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In the Pattern living room, every detail is in praise of coziness.

After a long day of urgent emails, meetings, and calls, we do everything we can to step away from it all, and creating a living room centered around coziness promotes this transition from work life to personal life. Our walls are painted soothing shades of color, and the rooms are warm and softly lit. New-age music whispers from hidden speakers as friends and family gather to read, walk around barefoot, or lounge on the couch to chat for hours.

Here's a short guide to help you create a cozy atmosphere of your own.

Let there be light

Adding warm light is one of the easiest ways to make your interiors feel more comforting. We recommend turning off overhead lighting around dusk and switching to low lights—candles, lamps, sconces—to create a softer lighting scheme.

Mind your materials

To create a cozier atmosphere, we avoid high-shine materials that create an artificial sheen and prioritize clean, organic surfaces that offer natural warmth like wood, ceramic, and stone.

Layer it up

We believe that true coziness comes from having what makes you most comfortable at an arm's length. More is more when it comes to comfort, so don't be afraid to throw an extra pillow on your sofa and always have a soft blanket or two on a chair nearby to snuggle up with.

Go green

In addition to just being aesthetically pleasing, houseplants are another great way to bring positive energy into your space. They brighten dark corners, complete empty shelves, and even purify the air.

Embrace the dark

While we've anchored our color palette in lighter tones to invite light into your space, deeper tones like navy blue and forest green can make a room feel more welcoming. Dark walls and furnishings help create the cozy feeling everyone craves during the colder months and allow for accents of bright color to add a touch of personality without overpowering.

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