The Key to a Creative Kitchen


Jun 08, 2021


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It’s all about maintaining a well-organized space that reflects your movement and energy (so you can flow through it).

In the kitchen, we focus on presence. If you’re truly present—especially when creating something new—there is a sense of freedom from everyday thoughts and emotions. Your hands and mind are in perfect concert with one another, and you’re able to enjoy every step of the process. We like to think of this as “flow"—a super-healthy mind state that can happen when you’re fully immersed in an activity. And a well-organized space that reflects your movement and energy (so you can flow through it) will help facilitate this process.

By spending a little extra time organizing this space to reflect your habits, you can make prepping, cooking, and cleaning any meal more enjoyable. Here are our top ten tips.

Keep utensils close

Place a small croc, vase, or holder next to the stove for your most-used utensils—think spoons, tongs, spatulas, whisks. If you're short on the right utensils, our best-selling kitchen tools are a great place to start.

A spoon rest prevents constant cleaning

Keep a spoon rest next to your stove so you’re not always rushing to clean your counter. A consistent place for your spoon also means it'll be easy to locate when you’re in the flow.

Keep salt, pepper, oil within reach

Place a bowl of kosher salt and a pepper grinder next to the stove so you can season as needed. And keep one bottle of your most-used oil (probably olive oil) next to your stove—preferably with an easy pour top for, you guessed it, easy pouring.

Care for key knives

Keep your Chef’s Knife, paring knife, and serrated knife in a block, a nearby drawer (neatly organized with Drawer Dividers), or on a magnetic bar to protect the blades. We also like to keep a towel nearby so that you can clean your knife as you’re cooking.

Designate a prep station

Have an area of counter space that’s always empty and clean for your prep station. Ideally, it's close to your stovetop and has plenty of room for your Cutting Board.

Keep your cutting board on hand

While it can be tempting to store your Cutting Board in the cupboard, it's best to keep it accessible. You never know when it can play an extra role beyond the prep process.

Arrange your pots & pans by use

Always place your pots and pans in an easy-to-access drawer or shelf. Arrange them by your most used to least used based on a typical week of cooking. The cookware you use most should be the easiest to access.

Maintain the pantry

It's easy to let your pantry get a little disorganized over time, but by putting in a little more effort to create and maintain a system, you’ll always be able to see what you have and what you need to pick up on your next grocery run.

Introduce a food scraps bowl

Depending on where your garbage or compost is, a bowl can be helpful. Keep it out on the counter while cooking and throw food scraps in there. Then dump it out when you’re done so you’re not running back and forth during the process.

Make the most of your shelves

When the meal is over and it's time to put everything away, make the most of your shelf and cupboard space. A set of Shelf Risers can be a helpful tool in doubling the flatware or cookware you can store neatly. Just ask our friends at Open Spaces.

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