Daily Rituals: The Recipe for Joy


Dec 22, 2021


Pattern Brands

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At Pattern, we believe life happens in the moments in between—that being present during day-to-day tasks is a recipe for enjoyment. While we’re still figuring this out as we go, we do have a few tips we’ve learned along the way to making houses into homes. See for yourself…

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Tip 1: Take the transition from work to home seriously.

As working from home becomes the norm, it’s important to make sure you ground yourself in a ritual that helps you transition your mind from work to being at home. One way to do this is—create an intentional entryway. Right when you walk through the door, leave the day behind. Drop your keys in their dedicated place, put your tech to sleep, and grab something that signals to your brain, “It’s time to unwind.” We recommend styling our Entryway Rack so that all of these actions are easy to complete—throw tech in a Bin, drop keys and headphones in a Nesting Tray, and set a book or activity you can do with the kids in a Basket on the second shelf as a visual reminder to let go of to-do lists and embrace play time!

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Tip 2: Give your belongings a home of their own.

A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. We love compartmentalizing our objects so that they don’t become a visual distraction. Help draw you eye to the belongings you love—style them where they are meant to be seen, and organize odds and ends in a  Bin and Basket with their name on it. (We have Bin Labels now, so you can literally do this.) Plus, if you get into the habit of putting things where they belong, they’ll never be misplaced.

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Tip 3: Organize by category or daily ritual.

If you have a morning or a bedtime routine that’s difficult to enforce, store it in a way that’s memorable. We often put morning + nighttime skin rituals into their own Bin (somewhere near the sink + mirror) or curate skin essentials on their own Nesting Trays on the counter. Love winding down with essential oils, a meditation app, a candle or incense? Keep this sleeping routine in a Bin or a Nesting Tray next to your bed. Style them with a Colorful Lid to act as a visual reminder to reinforce the new or existing habit after a long day.

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