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Nov 05, 2021


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Giving a gift is a gesture of care—it memorializes a moment, feeling or event. This in mind, style (or presentation) is just as important as function. Here are 5 unique gift-wrapping ideas you’ve never tried before that pair perfectly with our gift guide…

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Tip 1: Add flowers—fresh or dried!

Everyone loves being brought flowers—that’s a given. There’s no better way to top your gift than with something straight from nature. Plus, adding blooms or a sprig of green is a telltale sign of spring and can help lift those loved one’s spirits out of any seasonal sads. Just tuck a few stems under twine or ribbon on top of a gift and you’re good to go!

Tip 2: Give a Gift Within a Gift—Furoshiki

Say goodbye to scissors, unruly paper, sticky tape, and wonky corners. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths—dating back to the 17th century—used to carry belongings and wrap gifts. These decorative fabrics offer an earth-friendly alternative to paper wrapping—they also double as makeshift totes or a discreet way to gift and carry wine. And after untying/ unwrapping, you can wear as a scarf. This multi-use textile is truly two gifts in one. Tip: the simplest way is by wrapping opposing corners of the cloth over the gift and then using the remaining two corners to tie a nice-looking knot. Here are a few other shapes + ways.

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Tip 3: Get the kiddos (and their crayons) involved!

Reuse last year’s wrapping paper (use the unprinted, underside) or buy plain, brown paper. Wrangle your little helpers, give them a handful of art supplies, and let their creativity go to work! 1) It’s a great family activity. 2)  This way, you’re not only giving the recipient a gift, but also a keepsake—hangable, shareable art that’s 100% unique—made by hand by the people they love.

Tip 4: Go Green—wrap with newspaper!

This trend is a bit old-school and nostalgic, yes—but it’s also super thoughtful, zero-waste, and easy to do. Save your recipient’s favorite section or even fill in the crossword with a secret message from the sender that they’ll have to decode before unwrapping! Make it interactive, keep it light, or gather round to discuss the articles!

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Tip 5: Give a gift that doesn’t need any wrapping.

Send a gift direct to their door as a surprise delivery is always well received. Reminder: Delays in shipping this year seem inevitable. Our holiday shipping window closes (12/8). This way you can still gift loved ones their favorite home items.

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