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Oct 20, 2021


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Oh, yes, the dreaded mornings! Why is waking up so hard to do? If you’ve always considered yourself more of a night owl than a morning person, you’ll likely do better in the AM hours if you ground your day in rituals. Try five of our favorites—they’ll give you structure, routine, and help you access joy early on—and who doesn’t want more daily joy?

Ritual #1: Wake up gently + consistently—at the same time every day.

Drop your phone. (Not literally, of course.) Simplify your wake up call. Even though your phone is an incredible piece of technology, it’s also invasive to your nightly wind-down and wakefulness. We recommend swapping your clock app for Loftie’s Alarm Clock—it’s a smart device sans the temptation to scroll, plus it’s designed to rouse you gently with your choice of ambient soundscapes.

Ritual #2: Ground yourself in a skincare routine.

This may seem minor, but taking time out every morning to tend to your skin is an easy way to be meditative and keep boundaries around a private moment that’s yours alone. House all of your serums, rollers, and the like in our Open Spaces Storage Bins with Colorful Lids—they’re better-equipped for spaces prone to steam and water vapor (i.e., the bathroom). Did we mention they make clutter look good?

Ritual #3: Actually eat breakfast—add protein if you can!

Look, we know it’s cliché to say it’s the most important meal of the day, but it’s sort of true. If you want to jumpstart your metabolism (wake it up from sleeping, so to speak) then absolutely start your day with breakfast (and a glass of water to rehydrate). We recommend keeping things classic and simple—a single egg can go a long way. Prepare them however you like—scrambled, poached, over easy, over medium—and use the GIR Flip—it never misses. If you’re more of a hardboiled type, use our Ladle to delicately scoop those bad boys out of the pot.

Ritual #4: Level up your coffee game.

We don’t need to espouse the virtues of caffeine—in reasonable doses—coffee is a morning ritual that is tried and tested. However, we think preparing and pouring your daily cup of joe should be as beautiful and delicious as actually drinking it. We recommend leaning into Yield’s French Press. It’s thoughtfully made, easy on the eyes, plus it’s simple to clean and use (sorry, pour-over people!).

Ritual #5: Invest in a grinder to ensure roast freshness.

We’re not baristas and we don’t make latte art, but we do believe in having a grinder at home to keep your beans fresh. Pro Tip: Always check the roast date! (Many groceries leave coffee on the shelves way longer than they should!) And invest in a kitchen appliance that’s worth the hype. We recommend our Ode Brew Grinder.

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