6 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom


Jun 08, 2021


Pattern Brands

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We’re here to help you create a restorative, revitalizing refuge built for self-care.

For centuries, bathrooms have been utilized for their therapeutic benefits. But beyond the more obvious relaxing and muscle-soothing benefits, the act of bathing can clear the way for soulful transformations. Bathrooms can help you channel your creativity, establish and strengthen boundaries, and even heal pain.

The Pattern bathroom is a safe space for self-care—a peaceful retreat to refresh and revitalize at the beginning of your day and a place to relax, unwind and restore at the end of your day. By removing clutter and adding intentional decorative touches—like calming colors, soft towels, and a vase of eucalyptus—you can create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Here are six simple steps to help you get started.

Consider the space

Before you begin, always consider the space and the contents. How do you want this space to feel? Could you add a soft towel or two to your collection? How about grouping all of your daily skincare products in one Small Bin to ease the routine?

Bring the outdoors in

Plants have a unique way of making a room feel like a breath of fresh air, and the bathroom is no exception. Consider incorporating a few easy-to-care-for succulents, air plants, or eucalyptus for a low-maintenance solution.

Keep the lights down low

Lighting and fragrance are easy and effective ways to enhance the ambiance of any space. We tend to keep it simple when it comes to candle arrangements, but in this case, a little goes a long way—even just a few can help you decompress after a long day.

Add a touch of softness

When considering the floor, we prefer rugs to bathmats. Not only are they more prominent and durable, but they can also add color, warmth, and another layer of personality to the space.

Upgrade your towel collection

In most bathrooms, towels tend to be visible, so we like to think of them as built-in decor—adding color, texture, and layers to the overall design. By investing in at least one set of good-looking towels, you'll make an instant shift in your space—ensuring every detail looks intentional rather than an afterthought.

Clear the counter to clear your mind

If you have specific items that you'd like to keep out, consider using a set of Small Bins or Nesting Trays to keep them organized. Trays can help anchor your space and create a landing zone for items that may otherwise clutter your surface.

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