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Pattern's 2022 Update

We're excited to share with you two wonderful new additions to the Pattern family, the closing of our Series B fundraise, and an evolved business model for today's dynamic landscape. 🌳

New Additions & An Evolved Model

Last year we evolved our business model to focus on acquiring Shopify-based home brands to the Pattern Brands family. Being a startup means operating with conviction and believing in a vision, and we acted on this by acquiring two incredible brands, GIR and Letterfolk in 2021.

One year in, we're convinced we made the right decision.

Today, we’re proud to announce the acquisition of two more brands, Poketo and Yield Design Co., and the closing of our $25M Series B fundraise to accelerate the acquisition of additional top tier Shopify brands.

Our family of brands: Open Spaces, Equal Parts, GIR, Letterfolk, Yield Design, & Poketo

New Additions: Poketo & Yield

Poketo, founded by Ted Vadakan & Angie Myung, and Yield Design Co., founded by Rachel Gant & Andrew Deming, are successful, long-standing businesses built around world-class products, devoted communities, and profitability. We intend to uphold these foundations as we bring Ted, Angie, Rachel, & Andrew’s visions to life for many years to come. To learn more on each brand, click here.

Series B: Accelerating our Model of Acquiring Shopify Brands

With the close of our $25M Series B, we’re accelerating the addition of more great Shopify home brands to our portfolio. We’re pleased to welcome our new investors Toba Capital, Verlinvest, and BAM. Joining alongside our existing investors Primary Ventures, RRE Ventures, and Victory Park Capital, they support our goal of transforming the consumer brand-building model.

Today: An Opportunity for a New Model

Based on what we saw first-hand, we also sensed an opportunity. In 2019, we shared our thesis on the challenges we predicted for the future of Direct-to-Consumer. We started building an alternative path forward: ‘Direct-with-Consumer’ and at the top of our game, we took the leap to launch an entire new business out of Gin Lane; a family for consumer brands now known as Pattern Brands.

We doubled-down on our mission of creating a deeper, more personal relationship with consumers at scale. We built the infrastructure to do this, expanding our team beyond brand and design to include supply chain, logistics, go-to-market, and customer service. Which brings us to today.

The DTC world is challenging the levers that gave birth to so many amazing brands: marketing costs, supply chain issues, cash flow, and staffing. Our infrastructure allows for brands we acquire to thrive and hit new revenue and profit milestones in this more challenging environment.

We have six brands in our current portfolio, including acquired Shopify brands GIR, Letterfolk, Poketo, Yield, and are accelerating our growth by actively looking for more brands in market.

Tomorrow: Start on Shopify, Graduate to Pattern Brands

Our value to acquired brands lies in our ability to take their founder’s original core vision and help it reach many more customers.  We recognize the authenticity founding teams give their brands, and are honored to be shepherds for the continued growth of their businesses. Pattern Brands is a place for brands to graduate to; to thrive, and sustain in.

We’ve created a new option for Shopify brands today that gives life-changing exits to founders, and a long-term growth option for their brands. Together our brands help more people find enjoyment in the everyday – creating a home that turns daily routines into meaningful rituals. We’ve enriched the lives of 1 million plus community so far, and we’re excited to grow from here.

We acquire and grow leading Shopify home-life brands, and would love you to join us.

Join the Family,
Nick, Suze, Emmett, & the Pattern Team 🏡

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Start on Shopify, Graduate to Pattern Brands.
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We’re acquiring and growing leading Shopify home brands, and would love you to join us.
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