Behind the Design: Storage Gems


Jan 12, 2022


Pattern Brands

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Organization doesn’t have to be ordinary. In fact, modern storage solutions ought to be functional and beautiful, too. So, when it came to designing and iterating our Storage Gems—we knew we wanted to create something truly luxurious and one of a kind.

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We kicked things off thinking about small-item storage, so we started with jewelry. What would it mean to house beautiful things (like rings, earrings, and necklaces) in a vessel just as head-turning? We didn’t have to look far. We were inspired by jewel tones and precious gems. With time, we came up with Amber & Light Pink and Dark Green & Blue. These colorways are not only classically aesthetically appealing, but they also pair perfectly as color families as well as a collective multi-colored group—check out our different Bundles here.

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When it comes to selecting materials, we always have our eye on quality and attention to detail. We chose luxe and durable acrylic because of its translucent nature. We liked the idea of housing something neatly, but in a way that you could still display and easily recognize your precious odds and ends—even while stored inside a Storage Gem.

Design Details


Designed for precious everyday items like jewelry (earrings, rings, and delicate necklaces) or necessities like lip balm, loose change, and matches.


Sized to hold objects you keep on the bedside table like watches and earbuds or bundle your everyday must-haves like q-tips and hair ties.


We designed out lids with a slight dip to offer additional short-term storage (i.e., rings you take off right before bed) and  to maximize stackable storage space.

Interior Design Tips

1. Place these translucent vessels somewhere they’ll get sun, and watch as they transform. These one-of-a-kind pieces were designed to cast a subtle glow in the natural light just like stained glass.

2. If you want to see what your Gem holds, we recommend styling items in our Amber & Light Pink Gems. These jewel tones are lighter and slightly more translucent, so they tend to illuminate objects more easily.

3. Designed for the perfect fit, both our Short and Tall Gems pair well with our Nesting Trays.

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