Behind the Design with Stine Nielsen: Open Spaces Bins


Oct 13, 2021


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Ever wondered why we design things the way we do? We sat down with Stine, our Associate Creative Director of Brand and Physical Product, to talk about the recent redesign of our best-selling Bins and our newest arrival, Colored Lids. See what she had to say…

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Stine on the thoughtful evolution of our designs…

I’ve spent the past decade creating visual worlds for small and large brands alike. I now spend most of my time on developing our family of brands and renewing and expanding our product catalog. I’ve always been lucky to surround myself with smart designers and strategists and learned early on in my career that if a design doesn’t have a strong root and purpose, it doesn’t quite matter how beautiful it is. So, my process is a mix of sketching, mocking up ideas and writing a lot of notes in my design files to document my thinking.

Why Open Spaces bins got a refresh →

We create products for enjoyment and evolution at home so our designs mirror your needs—which, like you, change. We always want our products to be compatible with any type of lifestyle and a wide range of surfaces, furniture, storage spaces, and use cases (aka multi-use and flexible). Because of this, the storage bins you love got a slight redesign with new, brightly-hued lid options.

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How the bins have changed…

Our updated bins have →

A slightly more compact design for our large and medium storage bins, to house the bins on shelves, credenzas, under couches, and in cupboards of different heights and depths.

The new colorful lids are →

  • More durable—made with water-resistant material that is easier to clean and store in places with steam and condensation, like bathrooms.
  • Designed with dished lids that make it easier for you to stack and store.
  • Made with fun, bright colors are mix-and-matchable, plus they give you an opportunity to color coordinate odds and ends.

Why so vibrant this time around?

Color has always played a huge part in Open Spaces designs. We thought there could be great value in expanding the color range to our crowd-pleasing bins, both from an organization perspective and we wanted to offer a bolder alternative to our more subtle, understated wooden lids.

The new lid colors complement our bins by accentuating their existing look and feel. For example, the light blue and cream bins are combined with tone-on-tone lids to maintain a neutral aesthetic. The pink, navy and dark green were combined with more vibrant colors for a pop of fun.

How many iterations and prototypes did you see before you landed on the new colors?

4 or 5 rounds of color samples.

How often do you use the bins in your daily life?

Every day. And we hope you do too.

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