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Oct 06, 2021


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We set out to build Pattern as a scalable family of brands with the mission of helping our generation find daily enjoyment in their homes. We are building this by acquiring home-centric brands with great products that fit with our mission and our community. And in doing so, give entrepreneurs the exits they deserve. It’s our honor to officially welcome Letterfolk into Pattern’s family of brands. Their products not only promote enjoyment in the home, but they also have incredible business fundamentals.

In honor of this new brand, we did a little interview with the founders of Letterfolk.

Why is Letterfolk joining the Pattern family?

Building Letterfolk over the past six years has been quite the adventure for Johnny and me — full of highs, lows, twists, turns, and lots of pinch-me moments. As Letterfolk has grown and evolved, we’ve felt immense excitement and optimism for its future, but also limited by how much of it we could accomplish ourselves. And we feel like we’ve finally reached a point where we’ve given Letterfolk all that we have to offer without sacrificing whatever work/life balance still existed. It’s ready to spread its wings — to leave the coop, so to speak. And that’s where Pattern comes in.

What about joining the Pattern family are you most excited about?

Johnny and I have always dreamed big for Letterfolk. But because we’ve always been such a small team, we’ve also had to be realistic about what we could accomplish while growing and supporting our family at home. We’re most excited to see how Pattern helps Letterfolk to become the very best and brightest version of itself. And although it can be bittersweet to watch your baby grow up, it’s also really exciting to watch it reach its full potential.

It’s magical to watch an idea become something tangible you can hold in your hands. We’ve had the incredible fortune of bringing hundreds of products to life over the last six years, and that magic never faded with each new idea. But the most rewarding part of running Letterfolk is what always happens next: watching our products become a part of your homes and lives. And through the small lens of social media, we’ve been invited into your homes and lives as you've experienced meaningful moments and milestones. Being a part of your journey has been our greatest reward.

Any thoughts for the Letterfolk community?

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and encouragement during this wonderfully messy journey that has been Letterfolk the last six years. We are so grateful to have called you our "folks." And we can't wait to watch and cheer Letterfolk on during its next chapter.

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