The Next Chapter for Direct-to-Consumer


Jun 08, 2021


Pattern Brands

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Let’s reinvent what a successful exit can look like for the country’s growing community of direct-to-consumer brands

We’re on a mission to build and acquire brands focused on sustainable growth over short-term gain. Is that you? Apply here.

Before we became Pattern, we were Gin Lane, the creative agency founded in New York by a group of art school students, developers, and hungry, business-savvy talent from around the world—committed to realizing our generation's entrepreneurial version of the American dream. For over a decade we built dozens of direct-to-consumer brands and digital experiences across industries including fashion, beauty, food, personal health, and telemedicine. We helped create over $15 billion worth of market share and made experiences that reached hundreds of millions of consumers. We’ve been a part of shaping the DTC space from very the beginning—and are proud to share with you our next chapter.

When we launched Pattern, we wanted to take our learnings and bring our own DTC home goods brands to market: Open Spaces and Equal Parts. We’ve watched as these products found homes with hundreds of thousands of millennials newly settling into domestic life. We know our consumers really well because we are them. The brands we have supported have grown with our customers—and our shoppers trust us. So much so that they began asking us for recommendations for products we didn’t even sell. Maybe they saw a lamp from another brand in one of our Instagram photos or TikTok videos. Maybe they saw simple yet sleek dishes from one of our home dinner shoots showing off our cookware. Our intention has always been to build a conversation with our customers. We’re artists and designers as much as we are business owners, and we're building these brands as much for our homes and lives, as we are for our shoppers.

That’s why we’ve taken on $60 million in a mix of debt and equity capital to start doing thoughtful, sustainable acquisitions of DTC brands in the home goods space. Our investors RRE Ventures, Primary Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins have reinvested in us, alongside new investors Victory Park Capital, HOF Capital, and RSE Ventures. They believe in our goal: To build the Main Street-style e-commerce community that mom-and-pop brands all across the country need.

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Our first acquisition that we’re excited to share today is GIR, short for “Get It Right,” a home accessories brand that launched eight years ago with a highly successful crowdfunding campaign for the world's first unibody silicone spatula. What drew us to GIR was that they met all the qualities we’re looking for: founder Samantha Rose has stayed true to her ethos of reimagining everyday kitchen tools and developed a line of over fifty exceptional products that are changing the cooking world. Alongside her husband and her team, she organically built GIR into a much-loved, profitable, multi-million dollar business.

Additionally, today we’ve relaunched as a centralized, curated shopping destination so our entire family of home goods brands can be discovered in one easy place, alongside an incredible selection of our favorite products from our photoshoots and home videos—just like our customers asked us to do.

By definition, what we’re doing is a roll-up. But our interest lies where it always has, since before this trend started. We care about building brands that matter to our generation. And what some roll-ups risk missing is that lasting value doesn’t come from forcing big, short-term profits. You have to strengthen the brands. You have to give them a community where they can thrive.

People often describe e-commerce as impersonal—and you know what, it can be. Ordering flowers online isn’t the same as walking to a flower shop on the corner. Getting mass-produced dishes delivered isn’t the same as buying artisan bowls and plates from a small business.

But e-commerce doesn’t have to be impersonal. With a thoughtful, design-forward approach, we can build what small business owners and consumers alike have been craving: Sustainable community that centers people, their needs, and the value they find in the objects or services they use daily.

The direct-to-consumer marketplace is at a crossroads. E-commerce is bigger than ever, but also more crowded than ever. Meanwhile, the cultural shift to online shopping is at an inflection point. From Gin Lane to Pattern, we’ve grown up in the DTC world. And we’re ready to help shepherd that world into a new phase of maturity.

We could not be more excited about this next phase.

If you’re building a home goods company that might fit our bill and you’d be interested to learn more about your business joining Pattern, talk to us.

Thank you,
Nick, Suze, Emmett & the rest of the Pattern team

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