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Feb 25, 2022


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Meet our new bookends. Whether you’re a bonafide bibliophile or a shelfie queen—Open Spaces X Tortuga Living designed modern, yet playful bookends to style your stacks and elevate your home library in a cohesive, thoughtful way.

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As with all of Open Spaces’ modern storage solutions, these pieces are designed in hues that complement each other. The bookends designed by Madrid-based studio Ciszak Dalmas are no different. They’re offered in cult-favorite Open Spaces colorways that match Open Spaces' Bins, Baskets, and Storage Gems and are made with the same durable, powder-coated steel as our Entryway Racks.

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Here are a few creative ways to transform a basic bookshelf into a sleek, sophisticated shelfie →

  1. Turn your spines away from the eye. Books are colorful, but sometimes they compete with each other for attention. We suggest turning your books so that you cannot see the spines, only the pages. This “beige” effect helps you pull focus, gives your shelves a calming effect and helps unify the overall image. Or you can always color coordinate books, too!
  2. Style your stacks with intention. After you slide in a Bookend, style your shelf with other precious keepsakes or plants. Rows and rows of books can be overwhelming for the eye. Break things up with other pieces you love, but do so sparingly. When in doubt, use the rule of three—our eyes prefer to group odd numbers of things.
  3. Not just for the Great American Novel! Our Bookends are so versatile—use them to organize your favorite vinyl, kids’ books—try turning them on their side to accommodate any short spines—magazines, field guides, encyclopedias, and beyond!

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