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Our Founders Talk on Selling to Pattern

We asked the founders of Onsen, GIR, Yield Design, Letterfolk, and Poketo on why they sold to Pattern. Here's what they said:

From helping launch over 50 brands at Gin Lane, to building our first 2 brands from the ground up at Pattern, we empathetically know how hard it is to found, and grow a business. As we carefully grow our portfolio of home goods brands, we try to take that founder-first POV into our conversations with other brand owners. We love entrepreneurship, and we love spending our days with fellow entrepreneurs.

That connection has been critical to the addition of our first five brands; GIR, Letterfolk, Yield Design, Poketo, and Onsen. We sat down and asked each set of founders why they sold to Pattern, why the timing was right, and what's next for them. Our goal is to continue to provide insights into the entrepreneurial journey, as well as what selling your business to an acquirer like us, can look like.