Case Study

GIR: One Year In

Last year we evolved our business model to focus on acquiring Shopify-based home goods brands to the Pattern Brands family. Being a startup means operating with conviction and believing in a vision, and we acted on this by acquiring two incredible brands in 2021, including GIR. Let's explore how the past year has gone. 🗓


Over 100% increase in EBITDA


200% year-over-year revenue growth on Amazon


Scaled wholesale into a multi-million dollar business


Increased in-stock rates to over 95% from 65%

Founder Story

Samantha Rose founded GIR in 2012 after searching endlessly for a one-piece spatula with a handle as indestructible as the blade. After hand-carving the first silicone mold herself and fulfilling one 10-piece order for family members, her business quickly grew into a 10,000 unit manufacturing operation, crowd-funded by thousands of home chefs. Her patented kitchen tools business grew to include over 50 products, offering home chefs everything from baking sets to tea towels. After eight years of leading her business, Sam and her husband Brian were ready for their next venture but did not want GIR’s journey to end: They had a bigger vision.

“In working with the team at Pattern Brands, we found another group of people who believe in getting it right. As we talked about our vision for the company, it became clear that we had found kindred spirits. The story of GIR is the pursuit of an ideal, and we saw our own relentless drive mirrored back to us by Pattern Brands — the enthusiasm, the desire for a challenge, and the deep satisfaction of repeatedly delighting customers year after year.”

Samantha Rose
Founder, GIR


We used Pattern Brands’ infrastructure and repeatable processes to connect more home chefs to GIR’s standout kitchen products. We prioritized profitability at the outset, positioning the brand to grow sustainably and weather different retail cycles. By building a close relationship with Sam, we elevated her vision for the GIR brand across each customer touchpoint. We have taken a world-class product and strengthened every moment in the customer journey: from wholesale to Amazon to DTC, from customer service to delivery, from product concept to marketing, and from social media to site merchandising.


1. Put the brand first

2. Shared technology, operations, and infrastructure

3. Multi-channel expansion

4. Consumer-driven product development process

5. One consumer experience


It's been an incredible year overseeing GIR, and we're excited for many more to come. We couldn't be more thankful the founding team at GIR, as well as our team for stewarding us forward.
- Pattern Brands 🏡

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