Carter Move Mug (16oz)


Consider your commute covered. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and a slim width, Carter Move Mug is ready to roll!

We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch were ignored, while durability and extreme heat retention were prioritized. Why not both?

  • 1 Mug (16 oz)
  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic & steel with a inner ceramic coating
  • 3.03" L, 3.03" W, 7.48" H
  • 0.79 lbs

Why we chose Fellow

The infamous and evocative silhouette of the Fellow kettle exhibits aesthetic values and design choices that mirror our own: soft curves, wood, and steel, designed to last a lifetime. Fellow doesn't settle for mediocrity when it comes to the sacrament of coffee, and we respect that.

5050 Card - Fellow Carter Move Mug - Mobile Image
5050 Card - Fellow Carter Move Mug - Desktop Image
Image 1 for PDP - Hero Asset - Carter Move Mug
Image 1 for PDP - Hero Asset - Carter Move Mug

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