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Chef's Knife

26 Reviews

Meet the 8-inch Chef’s Knife made from high-performance German steel

  • Full-tang, ultra-sharp German steel blade engineered for superior edge retention
  • Lightweight durability suitable for all-purpose cutting
  • Perfectly balanced for precise control and fluid agility
  • Rounded, ergonomic handle for a sleek, comfortable grip

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Ergonomic design

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PDP - 5050 Media - About Equal Parts - Desktop Image

About Equal Parts

Putting our principles into practice, we launched Equal Parts’ easy-to-use, fun-to-use cookware that encourages creativity and play in the kitchen.

Why you'll love our Chef's Knife

PDP - 5050 Media - Chef Knife - Better materials - Desktop Image

Better materials

A full-tang, German steel blade designed to hold its edge longer, so you can spend less time sharpening.

Ergonomic design

Weight-balanced for maximum comfort and control over chopping, slicing, and dicing.

PDP - 5050 Media - Chef's Knife - Made to last - Desktop Image
PDP - 5050 Media - Chef's Knife - Ergonomic - Desktop Image

Made to last

Durable and responsibly sourced materials to withstand the toughest kitchens.

Frequently asked questions

German steel is more durable than Japanese steel because of its lower carbon content. The metal is also softer, and therefore less prone to chipping and breaking over time.

A full-tang blade runs all the way through the handle, making it extra strong, bend-resistant, and equipped to tackle even the toughest tasks. It also feels more balanced and natural in your hand.

The right care will ensure your knife lasts for many years. To maintain your knife’s sharp edge, use a honing steel every few weeks.

Your knife may begin to feel dull after several months of heavy use—if so, sharpen it with a whetstone or contact your local sharpening service.

Chef's Knife reviews


Based on 26 Reviews
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Vanessa O.Verified
not impressed with company at all
i have sent your company numerous emails requesting return mailing label for cookware. bought for wedding gift, color not what i was expecting. i said i would go aheaad and keep knife and cutting board....all i get from yal is automatic stop the clock, emails. what are you wanting to string me along till 30 days is up??? very disappointed in your company
Christian G.Verified
Love everything about my new
Love everything about my new kitchen tools!
Charles S.Verified
Jusr as advertised!!!
I love the balance, comfort, and sharpness.
Rachael Z.Verified
Very efficient knife. Great for
Very efficient knife. Great for the price!
Rouzi B.Verified
High quality product!
High quality product!

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