6" Ficus lyrata

This plant is kind of a big deal. You've probably seen it while scrolling through your IG feed or on the cover of Architectural Digest. The venation, color, and shape of the leaves are what threw this plant into the spotlight. They're notorious for being dramatic at times, but hey—it ain't easy being famous.

  • 1 plant
  • 15" - 20" tall and a 6" pot
  • 2 lbs

Why we chose Rooted

One of the best things we can do to bring life into the home is... bring life into the home. Plants are wonderful teachers of routine, rewarding us for slowing down and taking the time to tend to them. If you know the unmatched joy of watching new leaves unfurl, you know why we love Rooted.

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5050 Card - Rooted - Desktop Image
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Image 1 for PDP - Hero Asset - Hank

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