Original Underbed Storage - Set of 2

3.0 (70)

Declutter your space with a modern set of bins perfectly sized to slide under a bed or a couch

  • Set of 2 Underbed Storage Bins
  • Made from light grey compressed felt
  • Slightly rigid lids with a range of different fits.
  • Handles made from genuine leather
  • 26.26”L x 26.26”W x 6.75”H
  • Due to the slight rigidity of the recycled felt lids, this product is best suited for seasonal storage needs versus every day use.
  • Before purchasing this item, please review our Underbed Storage dimensions and our materials and care guide below.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

PDP - 5050 Media - About Open Spaces - Mobile Image
PDP - 5050 Media - About Open Spaces - Desktop Image

About Open Spaces

We created Open Spaces in hopes of bringing a breath of fresh air into the home, just by making space for it (in the most stylish way possible).

Responsibly Chosen Materials

The compressed felt material, made from recycled plastic bottle fibers, gives this set of bins unique character — from minor color variances to highly flexible lids, resulting in a range of different fits.

Here's a short guide to help you use and care for your set today and ten years from now.

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5050 Card - Underbed Storage - Responsibly Chosen Materials - Desktop Image

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Carmen B.Verified
Although a great item, I’m
Although a great item, I’m disappointed with the fitting of the top. Can’t closer propery.
Samantha M.Verified
Looks better than it works
Looks better than it actually works. I would say they're more of a decoration than a functional addition to your space. The lids don't stay on and it's challenging to pull the storage out from under the bed. They are aesthetically pleasing in the room, adding a modern/minimalist touch, but are definitely way over-priced for what they are.
Regina K.Verified
I like these storage bins
I like these storage bins because they are functional and stylish.
Caleb D.Verified
WORST Underbed Storage (LID DOESN'T FIT)
This is absolutely the WORST products I've ever received (and I've ordered my fair share of products from Wayfair, shein, and other low-quality companies). Open Spaces should be ashamed to create a product with a lid that doesn't fit the storage container. The lack of QA on the original design of this product is ABYSMAL and the project manager should consider this product launch a failure. Not only can you NOT fit the lids on the product, Open Spaces goes out of their way to not be transparent about this in product photos, instructions, and descriptions. Yet, they have made it perfectly clear that this design flaw is an anticipated issue. Although they have even created video guides on how to assemble the storage containers with lids, I have yet to be able to fit the lid on the container. This is another product that I wish another company would design so that I could spend my money with them.
Hiroko L.Verified
Lids don’t fit properly. The
Lids don’t fit properly. The size is too big.

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