850 ml Glass French Press

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The Glass French Press is an evolution of the classic press pot—brewing a perfect a full-bodied pot of coffee or tea in the traditional French Press method.

The Yield French Press is made using premium borosilicate glass that is most commonly associated with laboratory glassware and high-end kitchenware. It provides a delicate appearance and superior durability.

  • 1 Coffee Press
  • Made from Borosilicate glass, fine mesh steel & copper
  • 3.5” D, 5.5” W, 7.5” H
  • 1 lbs, 850mL volume
  • Check for chips or cracks and do not use if they're present.
  • Check filter fit before use. If filter does not hold with friction, gently fan mesh layer until a perfect friction fit is achieved.

Why we chose Yield

Find comfort and pleasure in everyday tasks like preparing your coffee, pouring a glass (or eight) of water, or lighting your favorite, most soothing candle. Like us, Yield is committed to ethical production, responsible sourcing, and a timeless approach to modern design for daily life.

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