Ode Brew Grinder

A powerful and precise home coffee grinder with café capabilities, Ode Brew Grinder does things differently.

With 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and unique single dose loading for maximum bean freshness, Ode is ready to hit the grind running! (Ode Brew Grinder is not an espresso grinder nor suitable for moka pots.)

  • 1 Grinder
  • Made from stainless steel, aluminum and plastic
  • 4.7" L, 9.5" W, 9.4" H
  • 9.92 lbs

Why we chose Fellow

The infamous and evocative silhouette of the Fellow kettle exhibits aesthetic values and design choices that mirror our own: soft curves, wood, and steel, designed to last a lifetime. Fellow doesn't settle for mediocrity when it comes to the sacrament of coffee, and we respect that.

5050 Card - Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Desktop Image
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