Traveler Straw

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Say so long to single-use straws with a silicone alternative that goes wherever you do.

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About GIR

With carefully chosen materials, an uncompromising focus on quality, and a bit of attitude, GIR’s beloved kitchen products are made for Pattern.

Considered materials

GIR kitchen tools and accessories are made from platinum-cured silicone. Cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic, GIR materials are always BPA and BPS-free.

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Customer Reviews

18 Reviews
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Carol A.Verified
Given as Gift
I presented these to a disabled friend who loved them.
Lori S.Verified
I must have have 4
I must have have 4 or 5 sets of these straws in various sizes. Love them!
Jennifer B.Verified
Tidy little set
Very cool little set to help the planet reduce the use of plastic!
Joreen B.Verified
Best Straws Ever
GIR straws are indispensable in my life as both eco-friendly and convenient, and the Traveler straws in particular are my favorites. Their length allows for a wider range of beverages and beverage containers. As with all GIR products, the silicone is durable and easily cleaned with the included squeegee. GIR truly makes the best reusable straws!
Joyce G.Verified
Sturdy straw, circumference won't fit many straw holes
Pros: -Thick & sturdy straw (still flops around, due to the nature of silicone, but I definitely don't expect any tears) -Love that it stands up to compression from ice cubes, but bends in the length of the cup to conform -The silicone is insulating, meaning you won't experience a cold, metal straw -There's ZERO chance of accidentally chipping your tooth/gums or mouth injury as with a metal straw -Packs away nicely for travel in the included travel cases -Included squeegee is a very nice touch though it could be firmer, making threading through the straw easier; the straw will also fit a traditional straw cleaner brush (but be gentle to avoid tears) Cons: -A side effect of the sturdiness is that the outer circumference is almost the size of a boba straw, so your mouth needs to get used to drinking out of a bigger straw -Will NOT fit thru the straw hole of a Starbucks cold cup lid -The embossing on the side is unnecessary and a potential place for germs/bacteria to take hold -Got the longest side but still think it could be at least a half inch longer

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