Underbed Storage - Set of 2

26 Reviews

Declutter your space with a modern set of bins perfectly sized to slide under a bed or a couch

  • Set of 2 Underbed Storage Bins
  • Made from light grey compressed felt
  • Slightly rigid lids with a range of different fits.
  • Handles made from genuine leather
  • 26.26”L x 26.26”W x 6.75”H
  • Due to the slight rigidity of the recycled felt lids, this product is best suited for seasonal storage needs versus every day use.
  • Before purchasing this item, please review our Underbed Storage dimensions and our materials and care guide below.

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About Open Spaces

We created Open Spaces in hopes of bringing a breath of fresh air into the home, just by making space for it (in the most stylish way possible).

Responsibly Chosen Materials

The compressed felt material, made from recycled plastic bottle fibers, gives this set of bins unique character — from minor color variances to highly flexible lids, resulting in a range of different fits.

Here's a short guide to help you use and care for your set today and ten years from now.

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Underbed Storage reviews

26 Reviews
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jennifer A.Verified
Love the quality of the
Love the quality of the fabric and sturdiness of the boxes but super disappointed that the kids don’t close all the way. They just kind of sit on top of the box.
Deepak P.Verified
Needed risers to fit under my bed
I really wanted this storage set to clear up some closet space for bedding and linens. On measuring the clearance under my bed I realized I'd be about 0.5" short, and customer support mentioned these boxes are pretty firm and have no give. I decided to purchase them anyway as there were no other underbed storage sets with this quality design. As expected, they didn't fit under my bed unless I removed the lids, but I purchased some 1" rises and these now fit perfectly!
Steven N.Verified
Avoid These Bins
The lids do not fit on these bins. Unfortunately, it seems that Open Spaces knows about this and has created a support page for help, which they will guide you to. The only downside is that this still doesn't solve the problem as the lids just aren't the right shape/size. The material flexes, and I'm sure in shipping, the lids got stretched out, and now they just won't work at all.
Jordan H.Verified
Not worth the price
They look really good online, but I'm unimpressed with functionality. For a really expensive set of bins, they dont close and they only have handles on one side. I probably wouldn't buy these again or recommend them.
Janet H.Verified
Great for storage, but the lids need a redesign
I love the amount of space in these, but like many people have shared, I've never been able to close the lids, which is why this is a 4-star product instead of 5-star.

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